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E-shops, e-shop development and e-shop CAES:

E-shop CAES:

Internet shop CAES is professional solution, used by our clients like vitez-pohary.cz, jimitextil.cz, virelco.eu, drogeriemarket.cz and others see references.
Whole solutions is designed for comfortable maintenance of product catalogues and product categorization which you are free to create and modify as you need. All the administration is done through software application
where you firstly prepare all you need, on your notebook or PC, and then you put the changes online. It also means you are spared of all the page reloads and delays you have to suffer when using online administration tools. You also don't need internet connection when you edit your product catalogue, thus you can work while travelling or whenever you want.
System was created according to long lasting cooperation with bigger low-end shops. Analysis of their needs enabled us to create concept, which provides easily controllable and highly customizable platform while keeping the flexibility of the whole system.
You are free to modify selected layout elements to adjust your shop to the season and current demand.
e-shop CAES, features in nutshell E-shop is designed to enable export to accountant's systems. Export can be done manually or automatically in periodic manner. All received orders can be forwarded to chosen e-mail adresses for backup reasons.
Part of the project are comprehensive and detail statistics of behaviour of your web site visitors. SEO optimalization that ensures better positions in search engines is also integrated. We accent the correct display in various web browsers.
System enables your customers to register for newsletter.
Optional modules which can provide database backup or semi-automatic product image processing can be added. It is always up to your needs and requirements.
Advantage of our software is flexibility and fast delivery. In case you are pressed by time we can set the whole e-shop up and running withing days.